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A hardworking, bootstrapped entrepreneurial Grandmother, driven by the desire to build a thriving business that would support future generations, had built up her bannock business over the last 10 years. In order to expand into new markets outside of the territory, she needed a business transformation to commercialize her recipe and scale up production.

Approach and Solution

The transformation of Yukon Bannock required a comprehensive marketing approach from developing a unique brand and upgrading packaging to meet industry standards in order to be accepted for retail sale, to expanded operations to facilitate growth.To deliver a top-tier, shelf-worthy product that appealed to retailers nation-wide, we started with research to understand the motivations and vision of our client which informed the development of a comprehensive business plan and blueprint for the development of a full visual identity, including packaging design for an expanding product line, an e-commerce enabled website, and marketing materials for sales activation. The revamped packaging attracted new distribution opportunities and a co-packer to align with the goals of this growing business.

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CEO, The Inverter Co.


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