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A niche retailer transforms into an approachable Retail & QSR destination
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As the Titan business evolved from a comic book store to expand into food service, the founders realized they had a perception problem with the business historically attracting a niche comic book-loving clientele. As part of the business transformation, the client wanted to reposition itself as a more inclusive and approachable, family-friendly establishment.

Approach and Solution

A key component of this project was modernizing and redesigning the logo and overall Titan brand to make it feel more inclusive and welcoming. This involved the implementation of a unique and collaborative process in order to ensure that all opinions and thoughts regarding the new brand were considered. The result is a holistic and informed brand  that represents the identity of Titan, the team, and its target audience. In addition, the strategic renaming of ‘Titan Gaming & Collectibles’ to ‘Titan Tavern & Geek Shop’ helped to better position the brand and encompass the range of services that the business offers. Once the name was established and the new brand developed, we created a marketing and communications strategy to support the launch of the rebrand and messaging as well as developed a number of marketing assets to build capacity for the in-house marketing team.

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