Yukon Brewing

Yukon Brewing is the oldest and largest brewery in Canada’s North. They have been crafting delicious beer and artisan spirits for over 20 years. We have worked with them on numerous projects including packaging designs for spirits, seasonal beers, and special releases.

Gin Label Design

Our discovery process with Yukon Brewing identified that the gin label should celebrate Yukon’s history and culture. We took inspiration from the gold-rush era and refined it through a modern lens. This combined with the clear, crisp taste of the gin influenced our final design.

From the clear label, to the bare cork, the bottle remains minimalistic to showcase the purity of the product and instill a “less is more” mindset in consumers. Yukon’s Klondike heritage is celebrated through the vintage, apothecary inspired, type treatment and layout, while Yukon’s vast wilderness and the purity of the product are integrated in the design with the tree pressing.

Russian Stout Can Design

We designed this can to celebrate the barrel that the beer was aged in. It features a subtle wood grain texture throughout the label, with the front of the can emulating a barrel and the typeface taking inspiration from stamped text found on whisky barrels. As this was created in partnership with their sister company, Two Brewers, it was important that both brands were featured with Yukon Brewing remaining prominent.