Yukon Born & Raised Meats

What do you get when you combine a pig farmer, a cow farmer, a food shipment company, a chef, and a marketing guru? Together they are Yukon Born & Raised Meats (YBAR), a team looking to solve food security in Yukon and provide a single source of meat, no matter what you are craving.

Logo Design

Mammoth was originally approached by YBAR to refresh their existing brand and create a business that truly reflected all "steak-holders" as well as engaged potential consumers. The brand we developed is vibrant and immediately recognizable to consumers, while reflecting the healthy and delicious nature to potential customers.

Package Design

The package was designed to reinforce the quality of the product along with the fact that it is solely from Yukon, and that it is high quality. This was accomplished through two key design decisions. First, the product itself is visible through the packaging so you can see exactly what you are buying. On top of that, the level includes not only the product name, but also includes the region and specific farm where the animal was raised.