Yukon Rendezvous

The Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous has been a staple of Yukon culture since its inception in the 1960’s. Recently they have been facing challenges due to waning attendance, the image of being exclusionary, and most recently the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Logo Design

The logo is intended to celebrate the landscape that has cradled the festival since it started in 1964, pay homage to its history, and give a nod to its future. The palette was chosen to compliment and contrast Yukon imagery while bringing a modern and exciting hue to all Rendezvous promotions.

The ‘painted sign” style script of the logo was selected to invoke the feeling of the festival's heritage and its whimsical nature. The second typeface balances out the delicate nature. Combined, these two typefaces reflect both the formality and the informality of the range of Rendezvous events.

Sub brands

The sub-brands were designed to be able to work in tandem with the main brand, or stand on their own. We worked with key stakeholders at Rendezvous to develop an iconic visual for each sub-brand that represented the key events, while remaining visually consistent with the main brand.