Grandma Treesaw

What started as Teresa making Teslin Tlingit style bannock in her kitchen has since blossomed into a catering and packaged goods company that creates delicious products everyone wants in their pantry. We have been working with Grandma Treesaw to develop her brand, and expand her business outside of the territory.

Logo Design

We believe that art from specific cultures and communities should be created from within. Mammoth partnered with a local Indigenous artist to create the artwork for Grandma Treesaw’s logo. The logo celebrates Teresa’s culture and focuses the consumer’s eye on the art created.

Package Design

The packaging celebrates Grandma Treesaw’s Indigenious culture with the colours and logo. Combined with a clean modern design, the packaging stands out compared to competing products. As this package will be seen by potential consumers that may not be familiar with what bannock is, we incorporated shots of freshly made bannock to entice consumers to pick it up and bring it home.


The Grandma Treesaw website serves as an introduction to the brand for visitors. We chose to design the website to use half of the screen to show high quality pictures of Teresa, and the bannock. This allows visitors to feel more connected to the brand and entices them to order some product for themselves so they can enjoy a true taste of the Yukon.