Crowded Table

Crowded Table is a small personal chef business based in Whitehorse. They offer meal preparation and catering services in Whitehorse. Inspired by Sunday night family dinners, they create fully prepared meals, and provide catering services.

Logo Design

Inspired by turn of the century cafes in Paris, the logo brings together the warmth of relaxing time with family, and the classic ideals of a Sunday dinner. The logo combines rigid and sophisticated fonts with fluid script fonts to create a balance reflecting the traditional nature of family dinner with the modern sophisticated flavours Crowded Table creates.

Starting at the top of the design, the simple icon of the table is used on the top to symbolize the source of family gatherings for dinner. The classic serif typeface for “Crowded” was used to create a sense of depth, experience and sophistication. This was balanced with the script font for “Table” with the fluidity of the font adding an element of class and femininity to the brand.